Admissions Procedure


Here is a summary of our admission procedure to guide prospective students through the enrolment process.

Purchase an application form is N10, 000


1. 2 recent passport photographs (not more than 6 months old)
2. Photocopy of candidate’s birth certificate or international passport data page
3. Most recent academic reports from last 2 years
4. Applicant’s character testimonial from current school
5. Immunization record and Medical report ( After admissions is offered)

Applicants will undergo a test according to their age category age group.

Successful candidates will be informed via sms, email or phone call.

A provisional letter of admission will then be issued for collection.

Acceptance letter signed and returned with all required payment.

Payments are made to designated banks or via pos on school premises. Accounts department receives the bank slip/draft and issues a receipt.

The receipt is very important so please keep it safe.

Student meets with a senior teacher and is allocated to the appropriate class.
For further enquiries on how to apply;

Please contact the following number +234 810 169 2533, or send an email to

Application form, school hand book or a complete information package can be requested online (or at the school Clients Service Office). Upon completion of the request form, the requested information will be sent by post / courier service or by email as the case may be.

Fees are paid into the school accounts. Methods of payment include direct deposits, electronic transfer and bank drafts. Receipts are collected in the school within the hours of 8am – 3pm at the account’s office. Parents are advised to keep copies of their receipts for record purposes. The school fees cover the following items:

• Tuition
• Uniform / Sport wear
• Books
• Levies for medical, PTA, Examinations, Development, Practical, Publications.
• Transportation (where applicable).

Payments for additional items not included here shall be communicated to parents accordingly.

All fees once paid are non-refundable.

We have qualified medical personnel for medical care. A medical practitioner is on call throughout the period when our pupils/students are in the school. In cases of emergency or hospitalization, arrangements are in place with a reputable private hospital where students receive treatment and parents are notified immediately.

The external gates of the school are manned by trained security personnel with the gates locked and operated from inside the school, except when identified visitors are coming in or going out. A visitor is required to sign in at the gate, and report to the reception within the school premises. This in no way detracts from the open-door policy of the school. At the Nursery and Primary School, children are collected from their classrooms at the end of each day and they will only be released to parents or official collectors who show the permission card, who will then sign the collection book. Children will only be taken off-site with prior permission of parents. Movement of all personnel and vehicles entering or leaving the compound is strictly screened. More so, CCTV cameras are strategically placed to complement the efforts of our security personnel.

Parents wishing their child(ren) to sit for entrance examination must obtain an application form from the school or from our website All completed forms must be submitted before the date of the entrance examination. Dates for entrance examination are published in the school’s website or on our handbills. Prospective pupils/students are tested and interviewed in the areas of numeracy, basic literacy, verbal and quantitative Reasoning, mathematics, science, English Language, Current Affairs and general knowledge

Successful candidates shall be contacted within one week via e-mail, text messages or phone calls.

Admission is given into various classes in the Nursery / Primary and high schools. The minimum age requirement for admission into JSS one is nine (9) years.

All the necessary documents as would be specified during collection of admission letter should be submitted to the Principal or the Head teacher before admission into the school. All admissions offered are valid only for one year (one academic session).

FOR EARLY YEARS (3 months – 5 years).
A meeting between Parents/Guardians, child and Head of Pre-School is a pre-requisite for children desiring admission into the Pre-School.

A child’s place is confirmed upon payment of Tuition and Registration Fees within the deadline stipulated on the admission letter.

FOR JUNIOR BASIC SCHOOL (5 – 10 years) Year 1- 6.

Admission into the Year 1 – 6 commences with an enquiry by a parent/guardian. In the event of a vacancy, a parent/guardian completes an Application Form which sets the stage for an entrance examination.

A child is placed in a class based on his or her performance in the entrance test. Where there is doubt of the child’s performance level, he or she could be placed in a class for a trial period not exceeding one academic year.

FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (10 - 16 Years) Year 7 - Year 12

To qualify for admission into the Secondary School, a candidate is expected to have completed a minimum of five years of primary education, and attained the age of nine (9) by September 1 in the year for which admission is sought.

An Entrance Examination and Oral Interview will be conducted for all the candidates while offer of admission will be made to successful candidates only. A child’s place is confirmed upon payment of the minimum deposit within the deadline stipulated in the admission Letter.


Querencia Schools have a holistic approach towards the spiritual and moral well - being of her pupils / students. A timely morning devotional guide manual is distributed to every pupil/student. As it is obtainable in parenting, we are fully committed to building meaningful relationships with our students as a group and individually by adopting a family environment. We teach them to be responsible and also lay foundational family moral values such as discipline, courtesy, diligence and integrity.


The school has a vibrant P.T.A body which maintains a cordial relationship with the school Management. The P.T.A holds its meeting at least once in every term. Observations and issues of concerns are raised at the meetings. The aims of the P.T.A include

• To give parents, governors of the school board and teachers, an informal opportunity to discuss issues that affect the education and welfare of the children.

• To support the school in its corporate objective to provide education of the best affordable standard.

• To raise funds for special projects as required.

Every person whose child or ward is a pupil of Querencia Schools automatically becomes a member of the PTA upon enrolment of such child or ward in the school register. For more information please request for a copy of the P.T.A constitution from the school or visit our website to download a copy.


Every student of Querencia Schools is expected to exhibit a good behaviour every time. This behaviour includes respect for self and others, being others’ keepers and having a conscious positive attitude towards the properties of others.
The complete code of conduct is contained in the students’ handbook which shall be given to each child upon a successful admission into the school.