Who We Are?

Querencia Schools is a unique private school that is located in well-accessed residential area of FESTAC Town in Lagos, Nigeria.

It aims to comprise of elementary, primary and high schools that would offer the most qualitative instruction through extremely standard teaching methods to be delivered by well trained teachers using the most up-to-date educational and instructional resources characterised by the latest innovation approaches in the use of technology for instruction.

Our key focuses are client satisfaction through an absolutely result oriented approach using the most operational broad based learning approaches and experience, at an affordable rate that would be justifiable.

Our aim is to always and eventually surpass our clients’ expectations through hard work, dedication and dynamism.

At Querencia schools, our students and pupils overall interest is foremost, and all our actions would be guided by our core values and professional ethos.

Our school will always display her steadfastness towards sustainability, both at the level of an individual school, and as an educational entity. This we hope to achieve by actively identifying with and participating in our communities and assimilating sustainable business practices whenever and whenever possible. Through accountability, we hope to meet the need of our students precisely and wholly. We will develop a working environment that encourages sustainable approach to livelihood.

We also have plans to accommodate special needs children and the elderly, thereby positioning our school as a primal and paradigm brand in the delivery of quality and sustainable instruction both within and outside Lagos.


Our vision is to establish our school as a first choice educational institution in the whole of Lagos state and beyond. This vision is a representation of our values: service, rectitude, distinction and team work.


Our mission is to provide a conducive learning environment to students and pupils at all levels of learning. Our overall business goal is to position Querencia Schools as a leading private school in the educational cum private school industry, and also to be among the top five (5) private schools in Nigeria within our first ten (10) years of operation.


Our motto is “A Safe Haven for Modern Learning”


Querencia School admits pupils/students from all religious, ethnic and socio-cultural backgrounds. We provide a conducive environment for learning that ensures self – actualization in all spheres of life. Apart from academic excellence and strong moral uprightness, our products are equipped with excellent creativity whose overall approaches to life are entirely original. Thus, our philosophy at all times is to produce well-adjusted and adequately prepared future leaders that can stand tall anywhere and at any time. Our beliefs and values reflect empathy, confidence, self-discipline and reliability. We teach our children to tow the path of mutual respect and humility. They are encouraged to work hard and to appreciate the work of their fellows. We expect them to be courteous and well-mannered at all times, both to members of staff and other children.


Querencia School is overseen by two core bodies, the Board of Trustees and the Board of directors. The former oversees the realization of the original mission and vision of the school; whilst the latter plays an advisory role to the school administration and helps ensure that the aims and objectives of the founders of the school are achieved. The Board of directors is made up of a unique and diverse array of business and educationally experienced men and women. Regular meetings ensure the on-going monitoring of progress towards securing achievement of the School Development Plan, longer term planning, as well as general governance issues. The management / administration of Querencia school is chaired by the chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Managing Director (the proprietress) ably supported by the principal, Vice principal, Departmental heads, head teacher, assistant head teacher and the various class teachers. OUR STAFF

At Querencia School, we recognise that the key to your child’s success lies strongly in the quality of our staff. That is why we carefully select the most experienced, compassionate and qualified professionals to care for and teach your child. To our staff, educating young children is much more than a job to them – it’s a passion. Their joy stems from providing children with “special moments” that captivate their desire to learn. Our teachers are encouraged to demonstrate the same level of care and affection for students as they would do for their own children.


Our core values are to show respect for:

  • God and His word
  • Those in authority
  • The learning process
  • Our bodies & God – given talents
  • Our school, personal property and property of others
  • National values, love, respect, care and admire our parents
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